Huaxteca Potosina – Adventure day three. (3/3)

Today rafting at Tampaón River.

This river is a risk 3 in a scale of 6, which means moderate danger, but be very careful because the travel agency sells it as an easy ride and it really isn´t.




To practice rafting you get into an inflatable boat with other 6 people, one of them is a certified guide. He or she stays in the back and uses their paddle to direct the ship.

First they tell all about safety and what to do if you fall into the water. Pay attention because you may need that information latter.

In those moments you are in a part of the river that´s very similar to a pool, no waves and no rocks all nice and easy. The water is so blue that it seams artificially painted. You start rowing and a while after you get to the first rapid of the river. This one is easy you get around and little bit shaken but soon enough is over. So far you think it´s going to be a nice ride along the river.

Then you get to the second one and it´s more intense, now you don´t see this as a pleasant ride and you start to be afraid of falling.


You keep going and so is the intensity of the rapids. Here´s where the ability of your guide is crucial. In one of the strongest rapids the raft that went before us passed easily by, and then it´s our turn. We didn’t go easily, we flipped. Everything happens really fast so when you open your eyes again you´re under water looking for which direction is up. The vest takes you to float so when you get into the surface you try to swim to where the raft is but the current is stronger and you can´t get there.

When they explain you the safety rules they tell that if you fall you have to take a floating position facing the sky and with your feet into the current flow, so if you hit a rock you would do it with the lower part of your body.

So, as I couldn´t get to the boat I had to take the floating position and hope for the best.

I´m floating thanks to the vest and the current is taking me very fast, and then it submerges me into a whirlpool and spits me up a few seconds after. I don’t know where I´m going, then another whirlpool, I´m immerse for a little while and back floating again. I´m hopping someone rescue me, I don’t know if I could get lost in the river. Another whirl, I close my eyes and think of whom is going to tell my mother I disappeared in San Luis Potosí. All of the sudden the water velocity slows down and I hear a lot of people screaming I can see the raft that went before us. I grab strongly to the rope around it. I´m safe. A man is trying to help me get in it but suddenly stops and shouts: Careful! The other raft, the one I was in hits the first raft right where I´m hanging. I sank and come back up when there´s room for me between them. They help me get into the boat, all of my body is shaking uncontrollably, I´ve never been whiter, I´ve never thought I could die right there.


So I was telling you, risk degree 3 – moderate, well depends on who you ask to. If you´re lucky enough to be on the first raft that didn´t flip then yeah it´s a moderate risk, but if you have to go through my experience then let me tell you that moderate it was not.

If you´re not a fan of extreme sports I would recommend to take rafting on Micos river (level 2 – low risk) because it´s a thrilling and entertaining activity as long as you don´t fear for your life. I would do it again only in a low risk river.

That was our last activity of the trip and without planning they were increasing risk and intensity. Now you have a real understanding of every practice we did and can choose accordingly to your degree of expertise and thrill thirst.

This is all about a trip that will always be in my memory, for its experiential richness, for my near-death experience and for the wonders of nature we got to see and enjoy. I hope you take the chance of visiting this wonderful place called Huaxteca Potosina.





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Huaxteca Potosina – Adventure Day one and two. (2/3)

As I told you on the previous post (Huaxteca Potosina – Basic Info) we took the ETN bus on Thursday night and arrived to Ciudad Valles on Friday at 8:00 am. Right on time to take the first tour leaving at 9:00 am. We went directly to the office, change clothes there and left our luggage in their storage room while we went to Xilitla.


We chose this activity for the first day because it doesn’t have much danger and medium physical requirement.




Here you visit the Surreal Castel of Edward James. It´s about a series of constructions in the middle of the jungle that has the only purpose of recreate the view and incentivize the imagination.

You go up the stairs, get into hallways that lead nowhere and come back down just to get more shapes and silhouettes that accompany the natural green foliage.

It´s a surreal experience that makes your senses and imaginations burst. While in there you can see yourself in a strange dream or a tale or maybe in the imagination inside Edward’s head.

It´s a must see.


After having a typical dish for lunch in Xilitla (enchiladas potosinas). We went to San Isidro Tampaxal where we´ll get to see the night ritual of the local birds.



Sótano de las Golondrinas.

To get to the Sótano, which is a huge cave hole, you have to walk for almost a mille through a series of steps in the middle of the rainforest, which represents no danger but can be very exhausting for some people for the aerobic exercise and the place´s height.

Close to sunset the birds start flying around and down like little kamikazes into the cave where they´ll spend the night. It´s a natural show that you don’t want to miss.


Second day started with a nice breakfast at the hotel and then heading to the next adventure.


Waterfall jump.


They pick you up at the hotel and take you to Micos river, but as this is a extreme sport the transportation doesn´t even get close to the waterfall. You have to walk for about 20 minutes on the hill thought a very narrow slippery path. Until you get to a point where the guide says: Up to this point there´s no turning back waking, the only way down is through the water. And the nervousness starts to pile up.

But that´s what we came here to do, so we go on. And all of the sudden we are in the river and the first waterfall is in front of us. It´s quite tall, about 6 feet tall and I´m nervous and thrill to start jumping. Of course, we already have a safe jacket and helmet on.

I took some courage and jumped. ¡Wow, it´s so cool! And fun, specially the ones with a medium height. They go from half foot to 26 feet tall (that one was kind of scary to me), but overall it was a fun a pleasant experience.


The most important thing to have in mind is to make a perfect diving posture. You´ll go with your feet first but have to be very straight because if you fall sitting into the water you will have a tremendous hit, like hitting concrete floor. (I know from experience) So practice your diving posture.


Around noon we were finishing this activity and after a snack we went to Minas Viejas to rappel. On our way there we stopped for lunch on a very cozy place, it was a country house with farm animals on the yard. They made for us a very simple Mexican meal: picadillo (meat with tomato sauce, rice and tortillas. Agua de jamaica to drink) The hosts were really kind and this was a stop included in the tour.



Some day I will tell my kids that I went down 164 feet hanging from a rope on a mountain wall.


This is rappel and the less you fear the fastest you go down. We all have seen Tom Cruise doing it on a building wall on Mission Impossible; so it´s just like that but surrounded with nature and green.

When you´re up there the only thing you can see is the light blue water beneath you. As you start going down there´s a wonderful waterfall going down with you to your right.

You push with your legs the wall of the mountain and loose some of the rope. Simple and fun. There´re some holes in the rock that are trickier to pass, you only have to loose more rope and get over them.

At the end you get to a freezing pond of water. Some people stay and swim for a while, I got out as fast as I could to change for dry clothes.

On our way to the bus there was a man selling corn that tasted like heaven! They´re boiled dressed with mayo, cheese and some chili powder. After that we headed back to Ciudad Valles and got there around 6:00 pm.


So, that´s the recap of our first and second day. Arriving to the hotel we went for tacos nearby because we were starving after all the going up and down. Took a warm shower and off to bed because the next day expected us with a lot more adrenaline.


Huaxteca Potosina – Adventure day three.





Huaxteca Potosina – Basic Info. (1/3)


I want to tell you about an unforgettable trip to Huaxteca Potosina. The natural marvels of the region are amazing, crystal water rivers and waterfalls, where you can practice extreme sports or relaxing strolls, bird watching in Sótano de las Golondrinas; cultural seeing in Xilitla and many options that adapt from the adrenaline junkies to the relaxed nature landscape tourist.

I´m going to tell you how we arranged our travel:


How to get there?

From Mexico City the driving distance is 8 hours. To me the best alternative is to take the ETN bus leaving at 9:45 pm you will get to Ciudad Valles at 8:00 am. Yes, the bus takes longer but you would be sleeping most of the journey. The return has the same schedule.

Cost: U$D 80 round trip.

You can also take a flight to Tampico, Tamaulipas and then take a 2:30 hour road trip to Ciudad Valles.


Ciudad Valles is a very small town so therefore has many affordable options to stay in. We stayed at the Hotel Valles ( ) here is the link to check on pictures and location. The price includes breakfast and you can book it directly with the hotel or via booking an excursion package. That´s what we did because the hotel was fully booked when approached directly.

Activities has different choices on activities and excursions, depending on how many days you´re going to stay. But be careful because in some cases the activities are more dangerous than they appear to be.

3 day package with hotel and tours cost: U$D 350 per person. (Some activities include snack or lunch)

We did:


Visit the Surreal Castel of Edward James.

Waterfall jump

Visit Sótano de las Golondrinas


We also got our pictures taken by a member of the travel agency, this is specially important on the risky activities where you can´t take pictures yourself such as Rafting, Waterfall jump and Rappel.

So far you know how to get there, where to stay and where to hire travel services; but the most interesting part is yet to come. In the next two posts I will tell you about my experience during the activities and how for the first time I was afraid for my life (no kidding). So you can chose wisely according to your level of expertise and trill thirst.

Huaxteca Potosina – Adventure Day one and two.

Huaxteca Potosina – Adventure Day three.







Kiosko Morisco: una belleza escondida. // A hidden beauty in Mexico City.

Alameda Santa María la Ribera – Kiosko Morisco.

Llevo 15 años viviendo en México y aun no conocía este lugar inigualable de la ciudad. Me refiero al Kiosko Morisco, denominado así por su claro aspecto islámico. Se encuentra en la alameda de la colonia Santa María la Ribera, esto está fuera del recorrido turístico habitual por lo que queda usualmente como una joya escondida para los locales.

Fue diseñado para la Exposición Universal de 1884 en Nueva Orleans, y aunque me extraña mucho que México no presentara una pieza inspirada en su gran riqueza cultural, no se puede negar que es ésta una pieza elegante y pintoresca que adorna con gracia la ciudad.

Otro rasgo interesante es que el Kiosko se desarma como un enorme rompecabezas y por eso ha sido trasladado en varias ocasiones dentro y fuera del país.

Sin título

La colonia que lo abraza es de las más antiguas de la ciudad y eso se nota en sus construcciones cargadas de historia y en algunas de sus reliquias culturales, como es el Museo de Geología de la UNAM (Universidad Autónoma de México) ubicado justo en frente de la alameda. (Más sobre la colonia aquí)

Si se camina unas cuadras puedes llegar al Museo del Chopo y a la Biblioteca Vasconcelos, otros dos lugares dedicados al desarrollo cultural y a las artes. En esta visita el Chopo estaba cerrado pero la Biblioteca me pareció fascinante. Con sus hileras de libros sobresaliendo de los pasillos y adornando el hall central, con sus salas para lectura en Braile, para lenguas de señas y sus jardines. Con su sala de música y su exposición de pinturas; es sin duda un diamante cultural de la Ciudad de México.

(Durante el día pueden hacer este recorrido caminando pero no se recomienda hacerlo de noche.)


¿Conocen algún otro tesoro escondido en la ciudad? ¡Cuéntenme en los comentarios para que podamos visitarlo!


Con cariño.




A hidden beauty in Mexico City.

Kiosko Morisco – Santa María la Ribera – Mexico City.

I´ve been living in Mexico City for over 15 years and I never knew about this place until now. This is the Kiosko Morisco named like this for its clear Islamic resemblance.

It´s located in the alameda (central square) of Santa María la Ribera and because is usually off the regular city tours it´s more like a hidden treasure for the locals only.

This piece was designed for The Universal Exposition of New Orleans in 1884. And though it´s strange to me that Mexico didn´t present something with more of the local rich cultural heritage I can´t deny this is an elegant and beautiful piece that ornament the city very gracefully.

Another interesting fact is the Kiosko can be assemble like a huge puzzle and for this reason it was moved a few times in and out the country.

Alameda of Santa María la Ribera.

The neighborhood that beholds the Kiosko is one of the oldest in the city and you can appreciate that for some of the cultural relics and the buildings full of historic value, such as the Geologist Museum located right in front of the square.

If you walk a couple of blocks you´ll find the Museo del Chopo and Vasconcelos Library, two other places dedicated to cultural development and arts. This time Chopo was closed but the library was stunning to me, it´s a place full of natural lighting. It has lines of books hanging from the sides and crowning the central hall, Braille and sign language rooms, and a beautiful garden. With also a music room, auditorium and painting exposition this place is a one of a kind cultural gem in Mexico City.

(During the day you can make this tour by foot, it is not advice to make it at late hours.)

Vasconcelos Library.


With love,






Aprender a decir: no. // Learn to say no.

Foto: Piolo Juvera

Para ser honesta es algo que a mí me costaba, usualmente sentía la necesidad de inventar una excusa lo suficientemente buena como para que el no no se sintiera tan feo.

“Perdón, no puedo ir a xxxxx porque me salió trabajo.” Era la más frecuente, casi todo el mundo entiende la prioridad del trabajo sobre el ocio, pero realmente me sentía pésimo. Hubiera querido decirle que su plan no se me antojaba pero que la apreciaba enormemente como amiga y que por favor no dejara de invitarme la siguiente vez que organizara algo. Pero no lo hacía y creo que muchos tampoco lo hacen.

¿Por qué tenemos tanta reticencia a decir que no simplemente porque no se nos da la gana de hacer algo? ¿Es acaso eso tan malo?

Después de años de ingeniármelas creativamente para no herir los sentimientos de aquellas almas generosas que se habían aventurado a invitarme o sugerirme algo, conocí a una amiga nueva, que no tenía ningún tapujo en decirme que algo simplemente no le latía en ese momento o para ese día.

Al principio imagínense mi sorpresa:

  • Oye, ¿vamos por un café?
  • No, no me late.

Mi cara de “emoji sorprendido” y después un grandísimo alivio.

  • Tú avísame entonces si quieres hacer algo.
  • Sale, mañana te hablo.

Y claro, al otro día me hablaba como si nada. Porque para ella decir que eso no le latía así directamente no significaba nada extraño.


Ahí me empecé a dar cuenta todas la cosas que la gente hace para evitar el no, a lo mejor reconocen alguna…

Dejarte de hablar:

Es increíble que haya gente que prefiera dejarte de hablar que decir que no, creo que piensan que si dejan pasar suficiente tiempo no te vas a acordar que le habías mandado una propuesta de alianza comercial hace dos meses, justo antes de que te dejaran de hablar.

Diles que sí pero no les digas cuando:

El típico; “Sí, sí voy pero yo te confirmo antes.” ¿Cómo para qué? En ese preciso momento ya nos dimos cuenta que no vas a ir y que te da pena que se organice algo en vano, así que cualquier cosa tienes el salvavidas de que no confirmaste para librarte de responsabilidad.

El súper ocupado:

“Va, ya quedamos. Pero tú recuérdame.” No contesta el teléfono hasta que es demasiado tarde y dice que se le vino encima una avalancha de trabajo.

El pobre que se quedó sin pila:

Ya saben como va, dijo que iba pero a la mera hora apaga el celular y dice que se quedó sin pila.


Y así nos pasamos la vida inventando excusas para no decir que no y como sé que a lo mejor no tienen mucha experiencia en el caso, aquí algunas formas de decir que no cordialmente pero sin inventos:

En primera agradecer la propuesta y después…

No, hoy no me late ese plan.

No, se me antoja algo diferente.

No estoy segur@, déjame pensarlo/consultarlo.


Eeeh, nop.





Ven, no es tan difícil. Les prometo que cuando empiecen se van a sentir como que se quitan un peso de encima. Y posiblemente sus allegados se lo acaben agradeciendo.

Y si tú estás del otro lado y recibes un cordial no, no seas insufrible y ¡NO insistas! Recibe el no con elegancia y vas a fomentar que las personas tengan confianza de decirte la verdad sin rodeos; hasta puede ser que hagas dudar a la otra persona de haber tomado la decisión correcta.


¿Conocen otras formas de evitar decir que no? ¡Quiero conocerlas, escríbanlas en los comentarios!


Hasta pronto… o no.




Learn to say no.

I was going to write this note only in Spanish because I thought this was a Latino thing, the difficulty of saying no may not be present in every country but it´s possible that someone else out there can identify with this issue.

Saying no was a difficult thing for me; I used to make up excuses for not being able to do what I was requested to. My most frequent one was ´I won´t be able to make it ´cause a work thing came up. ´ And it usually works very well as most people are use to putting work above everything else. But I felt terrible, I wanted to say something like: I really appreciate you as a friend but I don’t feel like going to that place or doing that thing, and please don’t stop inviting me to your future plans because I will love to go if I feel like it. But I didn’t, no one does.

And then after years of taking the most care in not hearting someone else´s feelings after putting themselves at the edge of making a plan and inviting people to take part; I met a new friend and she had no problem saying no.

Imagine my surprise when I asked her to go for a coffee and she just said:

No, I don’t feel like it.

*Big surprise face.

– Ok, so when you fell like it, you call me

– Sure I´ll call you tomorrow.

And she did call me, because as I learned latter on, she didn’t notice that for some people saying no like this is considered very rude.


So I started noticing the many ways people find to avoid saying no.

Stop talking to you:

This one is very often around here, they just stop answering. I think in their minds it goes like; I´ll wait for a while and they will forget they asked me something.

Yeah right, like I´m gonna forget I send you a business proposal two month ago, right before you stopped talking to me.


They say yes but they never say when:

“Yes, sure. But I will contact you first to confirm.”

And they never do. And we know! Right there that you´re just avoiding to say no.


The super busy dude:

“Yeah, deal. But you call me beforehand to remind me.”

Don’t you have a calendar to write this down? And of course that day, they won´t answer until it´s too late for the commitment and probably an avalanche of work came over them to justify the missed calls.


The one with the low battery failure:

We know this one, they said yes but when the time comes they turn off their cellphone and say they run out of battery.


And that´s how we spend our lives making up excuses to avoid saying no. If you don’t know how to change this here are a few simple suggestions:

First of all be grateful for the offer and then say:

No, I don´t feel like doing that.

No, today I´m not in the mood.

I´m not sure, let me think/ask about it.

No, I´m not confortable with that.


Mmm, nop.


Ño. (that´s your Latino way of saying no)

See, it´s not that hard after all and if you try I promise you will feel like you took a weight over your shoulders and probably the other person will end up being thankful for you honesty.


If you are on the other side, don´t be a pain in the butt and do not insist. Take the no gracefully, and people will be more confident in saying the truth to you right forward, and perhaps they might even change their minds after all.

The examples wrote here are very common in my country. Do you have other ways of not saying no in your region? I would love to know about them, write them up in the comment section!


See you soon… or not.


Photo: Piolo Juvera




Indecisión: la enemiga de la felicidad. // Indecision: the enemy of happiness.


Recordé que hace tiempo vi una conferencia de TED que me gustó mucho sobre la felicidad sintética, pero lo que más me llamó la atención de ésta fue un experimento que describen casi al final sobre unas fotografías.

El experimento consiste en citar a un grupo de estudiantes a una clase de fotografía donde se les enseña a revelarlas en el cuarto oscuro. Al final del curso tienen que escoger las dos que más les gustaron e imprimirlas. Se les dice que se pueden quedar con una foto pero que la otra se la tienen que llevar para registro del curso. Y aquí viene lo interesante…

A la mitad del grupo se le da la opción de cambiar la foto si en los siguientes días cambian de opinión; a la otra mitad no se le da esa opción y solamente pueden quedarse con la foto que eligieron primero.

¿Qué grupo creen que se quedó más feliz con su foto? Sí, el grupo que no pudo cambiar de opinión, los que tuvieron que quedarse con la foto que eligieron sin opción a cambio.

Y esto me hace pensar mucho en cómo funcionan las relaciones de pareja hoy en día. Cada vez es más complejo lograr relaciones duraderas y me pregunto si eso tiene algo que ver con la cantidad de opciones y lo accesible que es salir con alguien nuevo. Desde aplicaciones como Tinder hasta páginas web de citas o incluso el gran número de personas que se mantienen solteras, han hecho que las posibilidades de salir con alguien se amplíen y esto puede que al final resulte ser más perjudicial para nuestra felicidad de lo que pensamos.

Cuando empezamos una relación lo vemos todo perfecto, con ojos de amor no encontramos ninguna razón por la cual quisiéramos estar con alguien más pero a medida que pasa el tiempo empezamos a ver todos los defectos de la otra persona y de la relación en sí que al principio no notábamos y es ahí cuando nos empezamos a preguntar: ¿será que estoy en la relación correcta?, ¿debo aguantar estos problemas?, o ¿podría encontrar a alguien mejor para mí? Y así es como con el paso de la duda la felicidad sale por la ventana.

Es indudable que a veces estamos en una relación que no funciona, ya sea porque nos hace sufrir, nos mantiene infelices o nos demanda mucho sacrificio de nuestra propia vida para mantenerla en pie. Pero hay otras veces que terminamos una relación solo para ver tiempo después que nos encontramos en una situación similar con una persona nueva y es ahí donde deberíamos pensar que tal vez se trata de un problema diferente y que quizá la otra persona tiene menos que ver en él que nosotros mismos. Tal vez podamos descubrir que esa relación se puede arreglar desde dentro antes de tomar la decisión de dejarla en pro de encontrar una mejor.

¿Se identifican con algo de esto? Espero que me dejen sus comentarios aquí abajo.

Y no se pierdan esta TED Talk  les dejo el link porque realmente está muy buena y explica a fondo cómo funciona nuestro cerebro con respecto a la felicidad.


Con cariño.




Indecision: the enemy of happiness.


I´ve been thinking about relationships lately, and it came to my mind a TED Talk that I´ve seen a while ago. It´s actually about synthetizing happiness but what intrigues me is in relation to an experiment they made with photographs.

They gave a photography class were students had to take a bunch of photos and choose the two they like the most reveled and print them. And then they say they can keep one and give the other away for school records. And here comes the trick…

One group has the chance to change pictures if they feel like they made a mistake; the other group is stuck with the picture they chose.

So guess which group turns out to be more satisfied with their picture? The ones who couldn´t change their mind.

And that got me thinking about our relationships nowadays. It seems it´s harder and harder to make them last and I wonder if that´s a ´too many options´ fault.

When we first get into a relationship we like everything about the other and as time goes by we discover every single thing we do not like about them. And that´s when doubt strikes, is this person right for me? Am I making a mistake putting up with all of this? Can I find someone better?

And as soon as we start questioning whether we should stay or go, happiness goes out the window. We are as miserable as the students that could change their minds over the picture; we start thinking we got the wrong one.

I have to say that sometimes we are in a bad relationship, no question about it; we suffer, we´re unhappy or we´re sacrificing too much of ourselves to maintain it. But some other times we split from a relationship to end up a while after in a very similar situation and that´s when we should start thinking if there´s something else we might be doing wrong. Or if this relationship that we think is bad can actually be improved from the inside.

Don´t miss the TED Talk it´s a great one (LINK) and let me know what you think about the subject. Is any of this resonating with you? Leave comments below.


With lots of love,







No hay línea de llegada.

Foto: Piolo Juvera

Cuando se emprende el viaje del auto-conocimiento y de hacer las cosas de manera que te sientas mejor, no hay línea final. No hay ningún lugar al que se deba llegar, desde donde todo será lúcido, pacífico y alegre. La sensación de paz y lucidez es alcanzable, pero se trata de un ejercicio diario, eterno.

A veces, después de descubrir algo nuevo sobre nosotros o cuando encontramos algo que nos acerca a esas sensaciones de bienestar, pensamos que ya está, que lo hemos descubierto y que ahora desde esa posición de triunfo podremos marcar el camino y enseñárselo a otros.

La verdad es que todos estamos en la misma situación, tanto el que lleva años en el camino espiritual o de crecimiento personal, como el que acaba de empezar; todos tenemos los mismos retos y dificultades. El que lleva años en esto, con suerte ya sabe que aquellos “trucos” que descubrió son en realidad ejercicios que deben practicarse diario. Y que a cada rato vendrán retos más difíciles y oportunidades para seguir entrenando aquello que le acerca a su bienestar.

Así que cuidado con los consejos, (suelen ofender más al aconsejado que ser de utilidad) y finalmente todos estamos en la misma lucha, nadie se encuentra en un lugar superior a otro, solamente más entrenado. Y aquellos que estén más avanzados, compartirán su luz, siendo luminosos. Al enfocarnos en nuestra propia luz los demás se sentirán con ganas de trabajar en la suya y esa es la mejor forma de contagiarnos de bienestar.

Shine, shine on.


There is no finish line.

When you start working on your self-knowledge and finding ways to feel better there is no finish line, no place to get to where you will find clarity, peace and happiness. Although those feelings do exist, you can get them throughout every day work. And by every day I mean it´s like exercising, as soon as you leave training what took you months to accomplished will vanish in a couple of weeks.

Sometimes on this journey we get a big ´aha moment´ about ourselves on ways to feel good or to be center and we think that now we got the path and we can lead the way for ourselves and others. The truth is we are all in the same trail. The ones who have been on this for years and the ones just starting are facing the same challenges and have the same difficulties. Those who are more advanced hopefully already know that life will always send new challenges to keep working on your growth and that this is an everyday exercise.

So there´s no need to give advice, they´re usually mistaken and serve little to their purpose. We are all in the same struggle; no one is in a higher level than anybody else, just more trained maybe. And those who are more advanced will share their light by shining bright. When we focus on our own light others get compelled to work on their own and this is how wellbeing gets spread.

So shine baby, shine on.

Photo credit: Piolo Juvera




Algo más que un plato de frutas: Bol de Açaí

Fresco y nutritivo. – Foto: Piolo Juvera


Los vas a encontrar en el menú de algunos restaurantes de tipo saludable y/o vegano y también en las redes sociales de muchos bloggers. Es un platillo que está de moda, por su alto contenido nutricional y porque… está de moda. Me intrigaba saber qué contiene, aparte de açaí y qué tal sabe. Así que me propuse la tarea de hacerlo en casa.

No los voy a engañar, al final es un plato de fruta. La variante es que contiene una fruta considerada en la categoría de súper-alimentos esto se debe a su alto poder nutritivo; es la fruta más antioxidante, además contiene ácidos grasos Omega 3, 6 y 9, fitoesteroles, fibra, proteína (más que el huevo), calcio y vitaminas A E y B6. ¡Es una chulada de fruta!

En la Ciudad de México la consigues en tiendas especializadas, yo la compré en Amsterdam Market. Viene el puré de açaí en bolsitas individuales congelado desde Brasil.


Prepararlo es de lo más fácil:

Licúa la porción de puré de açaí congelado con un poco de leche de almendra hasta que tenga un consistencia suave, como de mousse, ni líquida ni que parezca raspado. Lo pones en un bol y le agregas los toppings que más te gusten; yo le puse fresas, blueberries, granola, mantequilla de cacahuate, nueces y corazones de hemp (extra proteína). Ahí puedes soltar tu creatividad y ponerle lo que tengas en casa, las frutas frescas y secas (almendras, avellanas, nueces) le quedan de maravilla.


Aprovecha los días calurosos que se avecinan para probar esta receta y disfruta un desayuno fresco, delicioso y súper nutritivo; y como si fuera poco, facilísimo de preparar.




A bit more than just a plate of fruit: Açaí bowl.

A dish full of nutrients.


You will find this in some healthy and vegan restaurants and for sure you have seen it in many Instagram stories. It´s in right now, so it got me thinking what is so good about it.

It turns out that açaí is a superfood because it´s loaded with antioxidants, omegas, phytoesterols, dietary fiber, vitamins A, C and B6, protein and calcium. It´s a bomb of nutrients! Then I put myself to the task of making the bowl at home and it´s actually really easy…

Frist you blend the açaí puree (it comes in frozen individual bags from Brazil) with some almond milk until you get the texture of a soft mousse, not liquid and not yet frozen. You put it into a bowl and add the toppings of your like, I chose some fresh strawberries, blueberries, granola, peanut butter, nuts and hemp harts to add extra protein. You can put into it any fruit you like, almonds, hazelnut and pecan nuts go perfect with açaí.

And voilà! You made a fresh, healthy and super nutritious breakfast that is good for starting a warm day and for eating before exercise ´cause it´ll get you full of energy.






Modern Snow White summer look // Blancanieves en la playa, o mejor dicho Blancarenas

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 Fotos: Piolo Juvera  Texto: Milva Cobelli


I´m not a Disney fan but as soon as I put this outfit on the first thing I heard was “you look like Snow White”. I´ll take that as a compliment, if Emma Watson didn´t mind embodying Belle from The beauty and the beast, I can look like Snow White for a little while.


My goal when I put this outfit together was to wear this fabulous skirt, I love the color,  which is perfect for the season, and it´s flow.

The top is fresh, colorful and the print goes perfect with this yellow sateen skirt.


This bright colorful hair-band and earrings have some of the hues you can find in the top and when going to the beach on a windy day it´s essential to wear some kind of hair accessory to help you keep your hair off your face and lip-gloss -*sticky hair alert!


Hope you like this inspiration for your summer looks.





Blancanieves en la playa, o mejor dicho Blancarenas.

No soy particularmente fan de las princesas de Disney pero apenas me puse este look lo primero que me dijeron fue que me parecía a Blanca Nieves versión moderna. La verdad no me molesta, me encanta este outfit para la playa y esas tardes de verano que ya están aquí.


El amarillo canario  de la falda es tendencia para esta temporada, aunque realmente la falda tiene un par de años conmigo.


El top le queda perfecto por el estampado de flores donde predomina el amarillo. Lo encuentras en Stradivarius .


Y ya que es un look colorido, lo completé con accesorios también llenos de color, los aretes tienen un poco del rojo y rosa que se encuentran en el top y la cinta del pelo también. *Tip: infaltable llevar un accesorio para que el pelo no se convierta en un desastre cuando hay mucho viento, como suele pasar en las tardes en la playa. Lo encuentras en Todo Moda.


En los pies elegí plataformas, para facilitar el paso por la arena; color piel.

Espero que les guste esta inspiración para sus looks de verano…





Photos: Piolo Juvera  Text: Milva Cobelli